Providing opportunities for domestic and international companies to distribute the quality products to Cambodian consumers and offering from product registration, marketing, sales, technical, distribution and after-sales service

Our main services are:

  1. Sourcing and Research

We offer the alternatives for your business to access the high quality products with the cost-effectiveness and reliable supply with our global business network.

With our deep industry expertise and understanding help our partners to develop and innovate product to meet the customer requirement. With our experts understand what the keys to make your product a success in Cambodian market


  1. Marketing and sales

With our infrastructure and deep market insight and highly effective sales expertise, we offer the wide range of marketing and sales activities to support our partners grow their businesses

We offer the full range of marketing and sales service for healthcare products, consumer goods, products for livestock and fashion to help you distribute your product from the largest supermarkets to smallest local shops through our local sales network in Cambodia.

As different cultural insights to customized the marketing and sales activities in each region to meet the local needs.


  1. Distribution and logistics

We provide the warehouse and logistic with our infrastructure and logistic network to distribute your products from the downtown hypermarket to small shops in rural areas with reliable supply and on-time delivery.