Consumer goods

Consumer goods



An innovative products containing useful probiotic that can improve the water quality and reduce the undesired smell. This products has been launched in Cambodia since 2013. It can be used by livestock, household, restaurant, market and government projects to improve the water and air environment

Chicken meat:

As a key related company of SNT group, the largest native chicken producer, we plan to deliver the native chicken meat and distribute the cooked meat with our logistics and distribution network to international supermarkets and local shops


Dried Durian chip:

Dried Durian chip has been launched to Cambodian market as snack. It has been distributed to supermarket for local customers and tourist destination for the tourist.


SoyUp, a famous soya milk produced in Malaysia launched in Cambodia since 2013 by SNT group – our related company. Soy UP is considered as a source of protein and well being for adults and children searching for alternatives to milk. It has been distribute to supermarkets, local stores and restaurants